Sarees – An Indian fashion attire

India is a land of versatile Indian attires. We are lucky that we get a lot of color options in our country. But when we are talking about woman attires, nothing can the beauty of Saree. Saree is a flowy long attire that hugs the body in such a way that it starts looking appealing and flawless. Sarees are worn with the petticoat and blouse and there are no age bars to wear it. It will help women shine in the most adaptable manner. Also, saris are found in traditional and fashionable styles, and each of them looks stunning on women. From colors to styles, there is a huge to explore. And that’s why it’s hard to get bored with the sari. So are you looking for a perfect sari for yourself? There is nothing to worry about when Mashookaa is here.

At Mashookaa, you will be offered a huge range of Saree collection, where you can get whatever you want to wear. You can define the occasion, choose your favorite work, and fabric, and we’ll serve you will the same. Our website deals with some amazing and popular brands that offer quite a unique and trendy collection of Indian Sarees. You can even apply the filter as per the need and choose whatever fulfill your requirements in the best way. Our collection will be going to win your heart and make you pleased. And there is nothing to worry about the quality and prices as we deal with the best.

Origin of The Sarees

Did you know the Saree story originated in the myriad depths of the Mesopotamian history? Well, it is very true as India was introduced to the very art of weaving cotton into a garment by this advanced civilization. The technique then trickled down to the Men and women of the Indus Valley Civilization who wore this woven garment to go on with their day to day lives. The woven garments were draped around the waist and pleated t places where it would enable free or rigorous movement. As per various historical records, it is also known that the kingdoms of Egypt, Sumner & Assyria also adapted this style of clothing. Chronologically speaking, the Aryans were the first ones to make the world notice a Saree which was then known as ‘Neevi’ and was essentially a garment that was tied around a Woman’s waist along with a ‘Kanchuki’, that was akin to today’s Choli. With the advent of Mughals, the Saree, a three-piece garment came into existence along with the use of rich fabrics, embellishments, and beautiful motifs, followed by the works of master weavers who were born in the heartlands of Gujarat and Bananas.

Saree – Fabulous Ethnic Indian Saree Styles for Women

A Saree is the true epitome of ethnic fashion. Be it the 9-yard wonder or 6-yard finesse, a Saree will make you not just look elegant, but feel regal too. Think Saree & think of a work of art that represents an eclectic traditional style that has stood the test of time, very literally. With many thanks to today’s sartorial innovations and techniques, it is possible for contemporary artisans to weave stories of the latest styles keeping the age-old traditions intact. And we at Mashookaa, take the greatest pleasure in showcasing the widest and latest collection of Sarees online that speak style rooted deep in tradition. The Saree culture is continuously evolving in today’s trend time and we intend to keep up with it by updating our collection of Sarees online every day! Browse through our largest collection of new Sarees online and get ready for any occasion- right from an office party to your very own Wedding. Yes, you read that right! A Saree is one such garment that has the ability to solve all your ‘i-have-nothing-to-wear-woes’ Even if you lead a life that involves sitting in front of a laptop from 9-5, even if your day revolves around completing chores at home, A Saree will always be there for you!

How to Pick the Right Saree

At Mashookaa, Saree is the most revered ethnic garment, and just like you, we cannot get enough of the ever-changing versatility of it. Though A Saree is the most perfect outfit for all occasions, it can be a tad bit difficult to choose the perfect one for you, from the plethora of options available on Mashookaa. Our collection of Sarees and blouses literally knows no boundaries. Read: a gorgeous collection of Georgette, Chiffon, Cotton, Silk, Designer, and much more is just a click away! You name the occasion and we have our latest Saree collection waiting just for you! But, at the same time in order to make Saree shopping seamless and fulfilling, here are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind. If you are blessed with an Apple shaped body, choose a Saree that hides those extra inches on your bust; stomach areas. A Silk Saree with delicate is all you need in times like these with a smashing pair of Jhumki earrings to elevate the style status of your entire outfit. Have a curvy waist and well-rounded hips? Your perfect Saree mates are gorgeous Georgette and charming Chiffon which are bathed in bold colors, big borders, and small prints. These Sarees online will ensure you look breathtaking no matter what the occasion! Have an athletic figure? Well, the options are endless! Subtly define your toned waistline and lean upper body by draping Cotton, Silk, or Organza Sarees heavily embellished with brocade or heavy beadwork.

When it’s Weddings, festivals, and parties, you have to look for the best kind of sari for yourself. Even for the traveling, office, and event, you have to define the best. So here are some tips for you:

For weddings and parties – The rich sari with heavy work will look the best for the wedding and festival season. You can even go for the silk sarees like Kanchipuram saree, Mysore sari, Pattu saree, Sambalpuri saree, and Banarasi saree. These saris may cost more, but they will look rich, gorgeous, and beautiful on you.

For traveling and outing – The Lightweight and synthetic saris will be the best for traveling and outing. You have to choose something comfortable and manageable like Georgette saree and chiffon saree. Go for light colors, light work, and small prints.

For office and events – For office and events, go for comfortable and manageable saris. Do drape them well and pin-up. Choose light and sober colors and light embroidery work.

For Festivals – The designer saris with a sober look will look the best at festivals. You can go for silk sarees and cotton sarees. If you want to look trendy, then you can even choose the ruffle sarees.

Belted structure – The Saree with the belted structure is very in. Here, the belt is worn on the waist to look skinny and show off your waistline. These can be perfect gala attire.

Concept sarees – Concept sarees are the pre-drape saris that help you to look star-worthy. It is a combination of Indian and western touch. The chiffon sarees look the best in trend.

Contemporary and heavy blouse – It’s the time to wear a light sari and pair it with a heavy or statement blouse. You can even choose the Rajasthani-inspired blouse, long jacket, or off-shoulder blouse with fringes.

High neck – Nothing can beat the sophistication of the High neck blouses. These look perfect with both designer and traditional saree.

Embellished crystal – The Embellished crystals or embellished saris are also very trendy. These will look perfect with soft pastel blouses.

Rich velvet – The Velvet adds the heaviness to the sari and makes it royal. These will be the perfect wedding sarees

Thin borders – The Sarees with a thin border is also very trendy. You can define thinness and narrowness according to your choice.

Saree style for different body shapes


How to choose perfect saree for a pear-shaped body? Women with pear-shaped body have a heavier bottom as compared to their upper body. They should wear sarees of chiffon and georgette, as these will balance out their upper and lower part. The saree is straight pallu style in draping will make their body look proportionate. Bold and bright colors will suit them better than light colors. Black, navy, burgundy, charcoal, deep green, or purple saree will look great on a pear-shaped body. Saris with beautiful borders, small prints, and embroidery work will be a good choice. Draping a saree just below the navel will add grace and style.

Apple-shaped body

How to choose the right saree for apple shaped body? An apple-shaped is heavy around the bust and stomach. They should opt for sarees with beautiful embroidery work, which will complement the body type. Longer blouses will cover the waist and problem areas. Alternatively, the sari should be wrapped a little higher. Silk is a fabric that will be suitable for an apple-shaped body. The sari must be draped in a simple way with reverse pallu. Contrast color blouses will give a dramatic effect on the sari.

Overweight women

How to pick the right saree for overweight women? Overweight women must opt for chiffon and silk sarees and avoid cotton and stiff fabrics, as it will make them look broader and bigger. Dark colors look best on heavy bodies. Handloom sarees will also look good. Full sleeves and long blouses will be more suitable as they will help to hide the flaws.

Voluptuous figure

How to wear sarees for voluptuous figures? Georgette, chiffon and net fabrics will suit the voluptuous figures. They will closely wrap around the body and highlight the curves. Dark colors will light embroidery and beadwork will make the woman look slimmer. Blouse with cross strings will attract attention.

Slim figure

How to wear a saree if you are thin? Women with a slim figure must go in for cotton, silk, and organza which will give them a fuller figure. Saris in light colors with heavy embroidery, brocade, or beadwork will be most suitable. Slim figured women can choose large bold printed Sarees in different colors. These women can carry off the backless, sleeveless, halter neck, and tube blouses very well.

Tall and slim women

How to pick the right saree for a tall and slim body shape women? Tall and slim women can carry off heavy borders on saris really well. They can also opt for big bold prints in a variety of colors, as it tends to divert the attention from the height.

Short and slim women

How to opt saree for short and slim body shape women? Women who are short in height should opt for sarees with a thin border as it will make them look tall. They should avoid big prints and heavy borders. Small to medium-sized prints will look great on short and slim women.

The traditional way to wear a saree

Different regions of India have their own distinct forms of draping a Saree. Some of these are outlined below:

Gujarati way: This version of draping, commonly known as the straight pallu way, is also found in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Bihar. Instead of opening to the left, the pleats are tucked so that they open to the right. Then, the pallu is taken to the back and brought over the right shoulder. It is then spread across the chest, and the left edge is tucked in the petticoat at the back.

Maharashtra method: Instead of the usual five-and-a-half meters, the sari in this version measures eight meters. One portion of the sari is drawn up between the legs and tucked in behind at the waist, while another portion is draped as a pallu over the bosom. Thus it forms a kind of divided sari, allowing greater freedom of movement.

Tamilian version: Like the Maharashtra version, the saree in this version, too, measures eight meters. After wrapping around the waist, the pleats are positioned along the left leg. The rest of the sari is taken over the left shoulder, wrapped once again round the waist, and tucked on the left side.

Bengali style: The saree is worn pleat-less; it is wrapped around the waist, brought back to the right side and the pallu is thrown over the left shoulder. The pallu is then brought up under the right arm and once again cast over the left shoulder.

Odisha Method: Nivi Drape – This method is from where the current popular method of draping has come from. In this method of draping one end of saree (opposite end from the pallu) is tucked into the petticoat from the front and then draped once around the waist. It is different as pleats are formed and tucked in the middle facing left. The remaining saree is then hung over the left shoulder to cover the chest. The pallu can also be neatly pleated and pinned to the shoulder, a convenient way to manage and the saree and ensure that pallu stays in place. Today the way we saree is derived from the Nivi Drape.

The Charm of Shopping With Mashookaa

With the technology advancing at breakneck speed, shopping for women’s clothing has become easier than ever and we at Mashookaa aim to keep up with the trends by updating our collections with the latest styles every single day. Latest Saree styles and designs are available at amazing, affordable prices, literally just a click away! We stand for the phrase- value for money and will always aim to create a wonderful, fulfilling shopping experience online. Shop with us and refresh your ethnic wardrobes every single day. Head to our website to get in on the latest ethnic trends or download our smartphone App to avail discounts and never-seen-before prices for timeless Sarees for all those precious and priceless moments!

Mashookaa is one of the prominent and trust-worthy E-commerce platforms to buy sarees online. We offer unique designs at the best price. From the latest patterns to traditional saris, we have everything for you. You can easily exchange or return if you are not satisfied with the ordered saris. You can even submit your complaints at [email protected] and we revert to you within 24 hours. Just make sure to do it within 7 days of receiving the order.

We ensure to offer you reasonable prices and discounts so that you can buy your favorite saree online without hurting your pocket. So shop for yourself or gift a sari to someone, we have something for everyone. Mashookaa ensures satisfactory and genuine saree shopping services to you.

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